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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Because I move

"I hate them, Immigrants! They come down here, and they steal our jobs!"
- Says No Civilized Person Ever.

Immigrants and especially immigrant workers are often hated on for doing exactly what everyone else does, Trying to make a living. It really doesn't matter what country, what culture or what boat you are in, often people's own insecurities and unearned privileges rob them of any right direction to the sense common to rest of the sapiens.

We've already heard and seen such nonsense happen many times before in developed countries like the U.S. and Canada. Where the rednecks and racists old men often blab out such terms after their morning whiskey.

But who am I to judge anyone! Heck, I am soo dingy between the ears that I barely fit into this pseudo-science of make-believe intellects of our society.

Nowadays, such discrimination's been going on quite rampantly in some economically forward states of India. A culturally biased trend, I myself have been a witness of personally. To name a few, Maharashtra (My personal exp), Kerala, Karnataka etc..

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Nothing is more true and pure than a Women's jealousy. An instinct of passion!

A lot can be learnt about a women by finding things she's jealous of.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Thanks for Reading

When we talk about space and time, no words could be convincing enough to make you comprehend the sheer size and scale of the space we are floating around in, unraveling the minisculity of our very existence.

The further we move away from our physical form through our imagination, the slower the relativity of time and reality becomes. And if you go further enough, you'd see that nothing is ever happening in the real-time, nothing is Live, ever! All forms of communication whether Sound or Light needs to travel through empty space to be sensed by your eyes and ears, and then processed by your brain to begin the formation of its response.

When we look up in the night sky, the stars shining are merely a picture of how they looked N number of years ago.

The air we breathe the food we swallow has already happened in the past and would have happened many more times before you could breathe no more.

Even what we say ourselves is delayed by 0.000000012ms to our own ears. How can we expect to live in "Present" when even our own responses fail to update us in time?

Now that it's established, there is actually a way to be for real, in Present. Although the definition of the present I present to you might not be as widely acceptable to you as the ones freely available in this archive of interconnected texts of past thinker, I'd like to uncover the one and only way to see things as they happen in the past, while they are actually happening in the real-time, sparing just enough time for you to return back to your physical self to rewatch a moment you already knew gonna happen.

It's by moving away from your physical form and going to an empty direction where you can reside and have a look of what is happening as it happens to a carbon form by influences uninvited by it but directed towards itself for what it did on the past or what would be in the further past because of it.

In simpler words (I know you'd be craving for some by now), You have to treat your body as an object unfamiliar to your intellects and a foreign mass far from your control. But You have to closely learn and understand, get the complete description of its shape and form, get full info of its past choices, so that you may be able to recreate that mass, previously your own and known as if you were a part of it once again, and then put it on a stage, when everything has happened and you'd be an audience to have seen the first show prior to the rehearsals. Now, You'd have to imagine and move to recreate that physical form inside your head and move just enough to be an onlooker but not too close to becoming one with the masses while looking.

The reason you need to ditch your physical self in order to achieve the real-time realm is totally scientific. Because mass is a speed impediment, and for anything or anyone with mass, the real-time can only be a theoretical assumption nothing more. Just take the speed of light for an example. Its the fastest thing in the whole universe, despite not having any mass, it still travels only at the speed of 186,000 miles per second.

Be aware of the procedure as you might not know when to leave the auditorium and rejoin the cast.

When you've finished reading this sentence this whole article would be over, and by the time you reach the end you'd already know how this article would end even before actually reading it to the very end, it's because your horizons have risen, your perspective has grown bigger and you've moved just further enough to see yourself from a distance and know what happened to you in the past, and since there Is no present, you'd know and become the present you wished to have in your past.

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